Las Vegas  “The Happening”   Why???
One may ask WHY???   

Below Please find concise bullet points to answer this question best…. [not limited to]
~The Great Weather-In Las Vegas
“Las Vegas Shovels Sunshine” 

No earthquakes, mud slides, wild fires, hurricanes, floods, snow storms, tidal waves, ice, volcanic eruptions, tsunasamis    


      NO SHOVELING SNOW                                         NO WILD FIRES                                                   NO FLOODS

~No Corporate Income Tax
~No State Income Tax
~No Country Income Tax
~No City Income Tax
~No Franchise Tax on Income
~No Inheritance or gift Tax
~No Admissions Tax
~No Unitary Tax
~No Estate Tax
~Competitive Sales Prices
 – Las Vegas is one of the most exciting places on this planet and compared to the others [New York, California, Hawaii] Las Vegas is 1/3  to  1/2 the home cost!
~Competitive Property Tax Rates
~Minimal Employer Payroll tax
~The Las Vegas Strip
– a major destination resort with more to come.
          *The Raiders are Coming – The Raiders are Coming!
          *The new hotel, Wynn West will be a 2,000-3,000-rm property on the 38-acre Alon site purchased for $336 M
          *RESORTS WORLD Hotel and Casino in progress
~There is culture, dance, and art on and off the strip-Check out the Smith’s Center
~There are JOBS-Check out – over 18,000 jobs available today
~Other’s think so too >> CLICK HERE

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